32 Tips to Become a Spiritual Ninja

Definition of a Spiritual Ninja: A straight talking-no-fluff-magical-bad-ass Solider in the Army of Love. A Spiritual Ninja is the joy in the chaos of the modern world. Welcome to the real revolution—the evolution of consciousness.

What is a Ninja?

Ninjas were a lower sect of warriors during Feudal Japan that used the practice of Ninjutsu, which is an art of warfare as opposed to a martial art. They were often hired by Samurai, politicians or military for their skills in espionage and stealth as well as their warrior capabilities. They were often used as strategy specialists for the military, and trained not only in martial arts, but also medicine, geography, meteorology, politics and more.

It is believed that the ninja practiced Buddhism and for this reason they incorporated an esoteric practice called kuji-kiri, through which they seemed to have developed supernatural powers. Abilities such as shapeshifting, invisibility, bilocation or the ability to be in two places at once and even flying were attributed to the masters of the practice.

The Spiritual Ninja

The magic practice of kuji-kiri and the history of the ninja origins and folklore were likely why
the ninja are credited with being spiritually advanced. These warrior elite were said to be more
spiritual and only practiced combat in certain situations and when absolutely necessary. In fact, it
is said that those who used their swords were considered the lowest form of ninja while those
who used their intellect were thought of as the highest. (1)

Whether this is true or not, the term of a spiritual ninja is another way to describe the practice of increasing spirituality with the mindset of a warrior. The goal is to develop self-discipline, intellect and spiritual advancement. Ninjas were required to have a highly developed physical and psychological conditioning, which is unique to ninjutsu and why it is not considered a martial art.

Using the Ninja Warrior Mindset

The mindset of the ninja warrior is said to be extremely focused, and they were renowned for their military tactics using intelligence, infiltration, and information. We can use the mindset in our own quest for spiritual enlightenment, without being a full-on ninja warrior.

First, it is important to realize that spiritual enlightenment or advancement is not striving to be a hermit, priest or yogi. Each of us must attain our own level of spirituality and remember that this is a highly personal experience that cannot be compared to anyone else’s sense of advancement.

Becoming spiritually advanced involves improving all areas of our lives including self-enlightenment, intellectual advancement and physical improvement. The ninja skill set involved all three, which is what made them stand out and still talked about with fascination today. It seems that even back in feudal Japan the teachers of the time knew that the body, mind and spirit were all connected, and each is as important as the other. Development in one area requires development in other areas for success, happiness and fulfillment.

Practices to Help You Become a Spiritual Ninja

Spiritual practice is different for everyone, because we are all at different stages of our development. But the basics remain the same; practice meditation, prayer and contemplation at least a few minutes each day and try to remain mindful at all times. While it sounds simple, these can be round-the-clock tasks.

To be a spiritual ninja requires that we put large efforts into raising our spiritual awareness and knowledge, but how, exactly, this is accomplished is different for each person. Therefore, the list below can help. Simply go over the list and find three to five points that resonate with you or stand out to you.

Write down the points that are important to you, post them on sticky notes or create memes with them on your computer and put them where you will see them each day. Use the few tips that you choose to practice to the fullest and do more if you desire. It may help to change your focus every few weeks so that your practice or focus is well-rounded.

32 Tips to Help You Become a Spiritual Ninja

  1. Practice gratitude and love for everyone and everything that you see and experience, because all experiences are beneficial
  2. Love is the only reality
  3. Love is a creative power
  4. Only love creates the power to manifest and ascend
  5. Hatred attracts the hate back to you
  6. Forgive yourself
  7. Love heals all.
  8. Love is the only healer.
  9. If you cant reach love, practice gratitude until you can.
  10. Value all experiences equally without judgment.
  11. No one is here to bring you happiness.
  12. Seek happiness from within.
  13. Do not dwell on the past; learn from it
  14. Be present
  15. Selfishness enslaves others
  16. All humans possess the ability to master their emotions, yet few use it.
  17. You are your highest authority; always look within for answers and guidance
  18. Fear is the denial of love
  19. Strive for continual states of love, peace, freedom, unity, and joy
  20. Positive vibes push out negative vibes
  21. Give your gifts freely
  22. We are all the same but at different points on our spiritual paths
  23. To hate someone is to hate yourself
  24. Meditate at least 5 minutes a day, 5 days per week (to start)
  25. Tell the news to fuck off
  26. Find the balance of nature and technology
  27. Meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices will be far more effective when you take care of your body
  28. Always strive to increase knowledge, for we are never done learning
  29. True religion is personal spirituality;
  30. Your relationship with God is yours and you do not need access through anyone else; God is already within
  31. Always pay attention to your instincts
  32. Balance is key

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