5 Ways to Spiritually Shield Yourself

5 Ways to Spiritually Shield Yourself

Have you ever felt energetically attacked by someone?  Whether it be a snarky comment from a sales person that sticks with you, a glare from a in-law, or a person flipping you off on the road.  Energetic attacks are a real thing.  

Learning to spiritually shield yourself from negative energy is an important part of protecting your minds, emotions and maybe even sanity. For those who are empaths or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), this practice may be even more important.

Life is challenging, but sometimes it seems one might have more than their “fair share” of challenges that make life far more difficult. It is hard to remain positive and productive when it seems like forces beyond your control interfere with any positive opportunities that life has to offer. When this happens on a regular basis, some believe there are other forces at work.

Negative energies come in many forms and may be referred to as psychic attacks, negative entities, the evil eye or even black magic.Another side claims this type of thinking is more hocus pocus with no scientific basis. But the truth is that both sides are right!

Negative Energies are Real

Negative energies are real. However—they may not be what you think. For those who do believe in black magic and the like, I am not trying to claim that you are wrong. But I do propose that energy is within our control and we may not have to view it as fighting demons or such things in order to protect ourselves.

Believing that you are under the spell of another through black magic or any other type of evil practices can bring more bad energy, and this is a form of giving away your power. But, negative energy is a real thing, but at the same time, we have immense power over our own energy, including the ability to protect ourselves. This is true even for empaths and HSPs.

What is Negative Energy?

Our physical world is mainly energy. Even though we feel tangible and solid, science has consistently proven that we are mainly kinetic energy that is made up of vibrating particles that create energy tornadoes. At the same time, science is finally figuring out how to measure energy from the human body from measuring brainwaves with EEGs or heart energy with EEGs. Some photographers measure “auric fields” of both people and plants with Kirlian photography. And today, some scientists claim that positive and negative emotions each have different energies, or frequencies, that can be measured. (1)

At the same time, when an angry person walks into a room whether at work or home, many people can feel the angry energy. A person who is bubbly and happy can often spread their joy and make others around them happy. People who are considered empaths often share the emotions and feelings of others. And science tells us that our human energy extends well beyond the physical body; meaning it is possible to interact with other energy.

The good news is that, just as your energy and that of others extends well beyond us, we all have the capability to control our energy. Many people learn to control their energy by learning to control their emotions. In fact, biofeedback is a tool that helps people learn to slow their heartrate and even lower blood pressure, both of which contribute to the energy that extends from us.

All of the above is to help illustrate that energy is real and that we all carry the potential to control what we do with our energy. Unfortunately, most of us haven’t learned about our energy as our culture focuses only on our physical bodies. But learning to control your energy and spiritually shield yourself can help you in many ways such as helping you improve your mental and physical states.

5 Ways to Spiritually Shield Yourself

There are many, many ways that one can do this, and it probably would not be productive to post them all, or for you to try them all. I point this out because it is important that you learn as much as you can, but then utilize the practices that resonate with you. By doing so, your current belief system will not be an obstacle to any progress you make.

As Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” In these practices, imagination is important for you to visualize negative energy leaving as well as to help your brain overcome the belief that you are not capable of shielding yourself. Imagination derives from your brain, and as thoughts have brainwaves that emanate beyond our physical, so too will thoughts that are derived from imaginations.

From here on, try to suspend any disbelief and remember that energy is real and proven. Remember that your body as well as every other person’s body is made of 99.999999% kinetic energy and that energy extends beyond the physical. Because of these facts, protecting yourself is possible. The following are some practices to help you spiritually shield yourself from negative energies that may interfere with your wellbeing.

Close Your Aura

Your aura is the energy field around you and extends well beyond you. Because we are not brought up to believe in the reality of human energy fields, this aspect of ourselves often goes neglected. But you can control your aura with a little practice.

When you are relaxed, your aura extends well beyond your physical body, and some psychics and photographers of Kirlian photography claim that when joyful, the aura can extend six feet or more beyond your body. The aura is only your first energetic field; there are six more beyond that!

When relaxed, happy or joyful, you might feel yourself as being “lighter” than usual. Sometimes extreme happiness can make one feel “lightheaded” or even elation; both terms that may subconsciously derive from what is happening to the aura. But this can also make one susceptible to negative energies around them.

Learning to close your aura will not make you off standish or snobby, but it can help you control your energy and maybe even your emotions. To do so, simply instruct your aura to come in closer, just like you would pull your arms to your side, if you desire. If you need help visualizing, try crossing your arms and legs and feel the difference in your energy. This might take practice, but not as much as one would think because it is our energy and part of us. We can control it just like any other aspect of ourselves.

Strengthen Aura with Meditation

The stronger you can imagine energy to be, the better your aura can shield and protect you from the negative energies surrounding you. First, I’d like to point out that I used the term “imagine,” because using your imagination is the first step and the only way to learn to control your energy. After that it takes practice.

For example, when you meditate and imagine yourself stronger, you can often make yourself feel stronger at that moment. But it takes practice to hold that feeling of strength throughout the day, once the meditation is over. Strength is a feeling we must learn to invoke and hold especially during times we feel weak. But it is possible with meditation practice.

Meditation practice using a quiet mind, breathing exercises or counting can all help you connect with positive and calming energies. The focus of meditation helps your brain strengthen and resolve to enjoy only the thoughts that you desire to have instead of thoughts that are the product of another’s energy.

If you have never meditated, begin with five minutes a day of quiet meditation by simply keeping your mind clear or counting. Some people prefer counting their breaths from one to four repeatedly, some prefer seeing clouds form numbers while others prefer to see the numbers written in sand. Whatever method you choose, remember the goal is to focus on that one thing and when your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your counting, breathing or your quiet mind.

Because energy is just as real as our physical body is, it can be affected on a “physical” level, just as we can feel emotions physically. In Feng Shui, salt is said to absorb negative energies, which is why many people use salt lamps or pour salt around their homes or doors of their homes. If you feel overwhelmed, try soaking your feet in saltwater or taking an Epsom salt bath (even though it is not technically table salt, it can relax the body and is said to have the same effect).

Live plants throughout the home are protectors of not only our environment but of our energy. They are said to absorb negative energies to help transmute and dispel them back into the universe. They are also beautiful and can make your home smell fresh as they absorb physical impurities.

Smudging with sage is a common practice and even recommended to real estate professionals who have a difficult time selling a home! (2) While sage is the main herb used for this purpose, many advocates of plants for healing point out that other herbs work, too, including turmeric, garlic, lavender, sweet grass and rosemary. What is really interesting is that the Journal of Ethnopharmacology has published studies that found smoke from medicinal plants can disinfect air from harmful, airborne pollutants including bacteria. (3)

Create an Energy Shield

Just as it is possible to close and shield your own aura, it is possible to create a personal energy shield around you. While it is created in your imagination, it is made real because you imagined it. Your intention is very important for this practice, because intention gives you a purpose. Creating energy shields for spiritual protection on a regular basis might change with your intention. For example, you might create an energy shield for a family dinner, a meeting at work or from psychic attack.

Creating an energy field helps raise your own energy to a higher and more positive state. It can give you confidence in any activity throughout the day. Often those who use this practice find that they have kept their energy positive, in spite of not having thought of their energy shield at all once their meditation is over.

Your energy shield is a way to strengthen your aura. After your daily meditation, visualize a shield of white light surrounding you. It can be circular or oval shaped and if you prefer, use a blue or purple light. Imagine the shield being slightly permeable so as to allow love and positive energies in and out, but strong enough to block the negative energies that may be black, gray or pollution-like.


Exercise is usually not associated with spiritual shielding, but it is an important part of protection and raising our overall energy. Exercise brings in fresh energy with larger amounts of oxygen and increased circulation to help distribute oxygen throughout your body. The right amount of exercise can immediately be felt as one is more energetic and lighter afterward. It might take a few minutes to recover, but the effects are well worth it. If it takes too long to recover, you may have overdone it.

On a physical level, exercise strengthens your physical body, but not just the muscles, tendons and cartilage. It strengthens your brain and your body’s ability to balance chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel good. These include chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and other endorphins that make one feel euphoric after or during exercise.

The heathier brain and hormonal balance lead to an overall healthier and stronger emotional state. A healthier mental and emotional state is better able to repel negative energy while attracting more positive energy. When regular, daily exercise is added to the practice of daily meditation, you can create a powerful combination of spiritual shielding that nobody can break!


Take control of your energy with spiritual shielding. Our being is made of physical, mental and spiritual energy that are all intertwined and the health of each relies on the others. Whether you are an empath, one who is HSP or desire to elevate your life, protecting yourself is not only doable, but within your right as a beautiful human being that exists on this Earth.

To go deeper into this practice, I recommend my SPIRITUAL NINJA course that has tons of guided meditations and rituals, audios, videos, and workbooks to help you stay protected and connected in the modern world.  Join the community of other Spiritual Ninjas and meet like-minded people that are wanting to be the transformation they are wanting to see in the world.


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