Janelle Christa

I went from darkness to light, and you can too

I believe everyone has the power to transform their lives permanently, efficiently, and quickly, IF they have a dream… and have the right guidance and tools.

I have used my own experience, innate gifts, learning, and even my suffering to create a paradigm shift for myself… and now I am able to guide and assist others towards whatever vision they have for their own life.

Like me, you can be free from your past, get unstuck, create relationships that uplift and sustain you, attract and allow great abundance, and find your true path and purpose. (Be a Spiritual Ninja!!!)

A new paradigm is waiting for you.

My Story is Your Story

If you’ve experienced it… chances are, I have been there, too. Not to be too presumptuous or anything, but think I can say with confidence, I’ve been through the wringer in my relatively short life, so not much shocks or phases me.

I’ve been through a lot of disaster, chaos, and pain. I’ve been abused (in all the ways you can be abused), suffered from drug addiction, and had severe mental illness, (including pretty devastating bipolar disorder, PTSD, panic attacks, and anxiety). 

I’ve dealt with a major health crisis that robbed me of my twenties, I recovered from breast implant illness, experienced dire poverty, tremendous loss and grief of loved ones, grew up in a world with a lot of disfunction, and experienced the terror of being a very young single mom with no support. 

For the longest time I had no sense of self, no sense of a future, and spent years of my life deeply suicidal. Yes, by most definitions, I’ve suffered.

And you probably have, too.

Maybe, like me, you were also born a highly sensitive person, or even identify with the word “empath”. That leads to its own, deep and confusing kind of pain, doesn’t it?

But I made it.

It took a lot of tenacity, massive action, dedication, and insane patience to climb that mountain and get over to the other side… And it all started with a CHOICE.

I made the firm and conscious choice to DREAM and choose a different path than the one I was on. That was the most difficult part. I had to tap into what I know now are my (and your) primary superpowers: choice, will and love .

Now, everything is different

I have awakened my gifts as a spiritual ninja, once shut down to protect myself, and now…

Now, I am the proud mother of two healthy, happy, and beautiful children. I am in a loving marriage, living in beautiful Santa Barbara, California. I have a career I love and never bores me, with a healthy social life and a variety of creative endeavors. 

I’ve been a performer on stage and screen, I produce, write, make films and create “conscious” entertainment. I’m mentally stable, drug-free, medication-free, financially abundant, and continuously becoming more.

Not only am I living proof you CAN find joy and peace, no matter what you’ve been through…

I’m living proof you can thrive and heal and live a LOUD, PROUD, EXTRAORDINARY LIFE, to boot.

I want that for you. I hope you want it, too, and believe you can.

Even if I’ve never met you, I love you. I see you. You got this, and I’ve got you!

I hope you’ll stick around to learn more and start on the path towards your own transformation.

You are worth it.