Janelle Christa

The REAL Reason You are Sick

I’ll give you a hint…it has a little to do with stuffing your emotions, aka emotional repression. And no, I’m not telling you your illness is in your head or worse—not “real.”  What I’m actually telling you is that there is massive SUPER POWERS in your emotions, and you can use them to your benefit… … Read more

Human Emotion Knows No Boundaries

Have you ever been having a fabulous day then felt a sudden shift when someone in a bad mood enters the room? Yep.  Been there.  On both sides!! This is because human emotions can be felt by those around us. We can literally feel the “vibes” or emotions of others, whether it be sadness, joy, … Read more


Have you noticed how FAST things are happening in our reality? How has the polarizing chaos of the world affected you?  It’s been crazy right?  On one side of the spectrum we have this unbelievable innovation and revolution that is happening in the fields of technology and A.I.  With things like virtual reality, self-driving cars, … Read more


They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Sometimes it’s a complement, and sometimes it’s a warning J.  From the time my daughter was just a tiny little human (she’s now taller than me!) she was both sweet and explosive.  Just like her mama.  She was a full range of emotion. She could … Read more


Many of you have asked me about what “healing modality” I use.  The truth is, I use a massive blend of healing modalities that I have channeled into one that I believe works better than anything else I have ever used.  I call it “The Harmony Keys.” You see…. The relationships in your life are … Read more

Are You an Empath?

Are You an Empath? Are you highly sensitive and intuitive? Do the feelings of your friends, family or just those around you affect you? Do you feel the emotions of others to the point that it emotionally and physically affects you? You just might be an…empath. Traits of an Empath According to author and psychiatrist, … Read more

32 Tips to Become a Spiritual Ninja

Definition of a Spiritual Ninja: A straight talking-no-fluff-magical-bad-ass Solider in the Army of Love. A Spiritual Ninja is the joy in the chaos of the modern world. Welcome to the real revolution—the evolution of consciousness. What is a Ninja? Ninjas were a lower sect of warriors during Feudal Japan that used the practice of Ninjutsu, … Read more

5 Ways to Spiritually Shield Yourself

5 Ways to Spiritually Shield Yourself Have you ever felt energetically attacked by someone?  Whether it be a snarky comment from a sales person that sticks with you, a glare from a in-law, or a person flipping you off on the road.  Energetic attacks are a real thing.   Learning to spiritually shield yourself from … Read more

Spiritual Hygiene

Spiritual Hygiene Do you ever have days, weeks or even months that just don’t seem to go right? Do you ever feel “off,” like things just don’t feel right? Maybe you are physically running into things are getting in fender benders, maybe you just cant seem to get in a state of flow… You may … Read more

Becoming Something More

“What unites us as human beings is an urge for happiness which at heart is a yearning for union”. ~ Sharon Salzberg Have you ever been standing in the grocery store putting food in your cart, or stuck in traffic on the freeway, or hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock and thought, “is this … Read more