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Attention Creators, Storytellers, Healers, Visionaries, and

Learn how to captivate your audience with rich, vibrant, and inspiring videos, films, online courses, and TV shows so you can share YOUR message with the world in just three short months!

Janelle Christa, seasoned actress, writer, host, producer, and director has worked thousands of hours on sets for advertisements, commercials, indie films, international television, web-series, and more.  Projects have ranged from wearing multiple hats on gorilla style YouTube channels, to writing scripts for billion-dollar corporations.

And now, she wants to coach YOU so you can share your story with the world!!

What if there was a way to change that?

Television is called “television” for a reason.  You get to “tell-a-vision”. Because of that, film and media are the fastest hack we have toward healing and transformation (or control and manipulation when used in devious ways.)

Film literally hypnotizes audiences, it takes multiple mediums–such as sound, color, light, music, and imagination and rolls them into a showcase of magic, that’s why they call it “movie magic.”

Knowing that film is a form of mind control, and after working on one too many projects that were not aligned with Janelle’s path, she began to write and produce her own content that was more consciousness-based…

That doesn’t mean film absent of swear words, s-e-x, or the things that make us human!  What it does mean, is bringing consciousness into filmmaking with positive messaging.

Thanks to the digital revolution, creators all over the world are producing high quality films at reasonable budgets. With platforms such as YouTube and Amazon virtually accepting all levels of filmmaking (the good, bad, and ugly) there is a direct and almost INSTANT route from your idea to an audience. Some YouTube creators are making as much as 22 million dollars off of their ideas, passions, and stories. 

We’ve all hit “share” on a viral video, or told our friends to watch a movie or take a course and that movie, course, or video has gone on to change billions of lives… (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse)

There is no reason why that video, course, or film shouldn’t be yours!!!

With Janelle Christa as your creator coach you
will learn how to:

And it only takes 3 Months!

A note from Janelle:

Hey creator!

I can’t wait for you to fully awaken your creative super powers and tap into the magic and miracles of spreading your word into the world.  During a three month program you will work directly with me, one-on-one, either in person or online in an immersive program that is customized to you!  Don’t do what I did and get stuck in years of trial and error, witnessing others stacking up followers, making all the money and grabbing everyone’s attention and wondering WTF you are doing wrong.  You got this & it can happen a lot faster than you think!

Xo, Janelle Christa

See What People Are Saying about working with Janelle:

“She gave me the wonderful opportunity to realize that I had a God-given talent, and to come on to set and to not just do my thing, but to do my thang. Thank you, Janelle!” ”

Tee Spears, Actress

“Janelle pushes people to do their best. She pushes you to a point of discomfort, so you can break through that. She asks hard questions, and she expects you to meet your potential. Which you will. Thank you, Janelle! ”

Melanie Dunn, Creator

“Janelle is one of the smartest people I know. I have never met anyone like her. She can take something, no matter what it is, and find beauty in it and make it work. She is a perfectionist and that will work to your benefit when making a project. She will make you do a lot of shit, and it might make you crazy in the moment, but when its all said and done, you will have something to be super proud of.”

Danny Litton, Creator

“I just want to wish Janelle the best on everything she does. She is SO great to work with. I’ve worked with Janelle on a few projects and I just have to say, she is lovely all around.”

Ember Condron, Art Director

“The whole shoot was memorable. And Janelle, she brought a whole energy to the set that was just fantastic.”

Jeff Sable, Actor

“Seeing her pull it all together. Wow. That’s a big accomplishment. Hard to do.”

Greg Goodman, Producer

“I thought Janelle was incredible to be able to hold and have gravitas with everyone. She did that very well.”

Charlie, Business Owner

No matter where you are in your creator journey, Janelle is here to help you navigate the chaos of it all, helping you find joy and spark it in others!

I can’t wait to see what life has to offer you when you bring your vision into manifestation!!!


Janelle Christa and her team are made up of experienced writers, directors, producers, actors, actresses, crew, super-stars, and visionaries.  Contact Janelle directly for a quote.