Have you noticed how FAST things are happening in our reality? How has the polarizing chaos of the world affected you?  It’s been crazy right? 

On one side of the spectrum we have this unbelievable innovation and revolution that is happening in the fields of technology and A.I.  With things like virtual reality, self-driving cars, robots, 3D printing, and gene mapping we truly are living in the future. It’s nothing less than remarkable.

Yet, at the same time– our past is simultaneously kicking us in the ass.  Meaning that, our old ways of life are no longer working.  Our past of fixing problems by creating new ones has truly caught up to us. 

The toxic state of our environment, our monetary system, our school system, our political system, medical system, prison system, and unfortunately even our food and agriculture system are testament to the paradigm we are living in. 

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we are living within two worlds happening side by side. As a collective, we are divided.  I’d say the world is a bit bipolar… Can you relate?

We must bring a greater level of consciousness into our ways of doing things. This became utterly obvious to me in a very raw way recently. I’m not sure if you have seen the ad circulating for “Wi-Fi Diapers,” but if you haven’t, they are a real thing…

The diapers are designed to notify parents when their infant’s diaper is wet. 

Besides the fact that the internet is literally hovering over the infant’s reproductive organs, and probably causing more problems than we have yet to comprehend, this so-called “convenience” is also removing a sacred bond between parent and child, where babies develop a sense of trust with their parents and the world, that they can be attuned to and responded to on the most basic level. 

This led me to ask myself, what kind of new world are we creating if it lacks the very foundation of what makes us human?

Many generations have feared that the end times would occur within their lifetime, only for the world to continue spinning around the sun for generations to come. 

But things are different now.

It’s an amazing time to be alive, to be not only a spectator but also a participant in such a profound time in our evolution.  We are at a moment of choice.  Do we integrate our past and future? Do we bring consciousness and humanity into our technology?  Or do we destroy ourselves?

We are in a collective crisis of consciousness.

On a micro level, I have lived within these two worlds my entire life.  Having been diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder, >I spent most of my life struggling to navigate two worlds. 

On one side of the spectrum, I lived within what was once called a “Divine State” in Ancient Greece, or what Psychiatrists would label “Mania.”  On the other side, I experienced debilitating lows that left me incredibly suicidal and on the brink of death. 

On a very real level, I know what it is like to go between these worlds and be on the verge of self-destruction.  >There is only so much you can take.  This is part of what makes me such an attuned Healer.  Nothing frightens me.  In truth, my own personal journey and wounding’s have been what’s guided me into the healing arts.

I had a tremendous desire to heal myself, then that desire shifted to helping others awaken to their own healing powers within themselves.

My primary focus over the last two years was to get to a point of true balance within myself.  The tossing and turning between two worlds, while interesting and insightful, was not sustainable.

So even though I thought “I had tried everything,” to heal myself, >I went even deeper.

I dug, and I researched, and I read, I meditated, I therapized, hypnotized, I NLP’d, and EMDR’d, I exercised, I dieted, I wrote, I created, I innovated, I even used medication. I learned new hacks, I constructed new systems.  I peeked under every nook and every cranny.

I eventually forgave myself for the reality I had created out of my wounding’s and where it had led me. I took responsibility and I healed.

I committed myself to healing what the medical system calls in-curable, what statistics say has a 1-5 (20%) chance of suicide.  The odds were definitely against me.  But I was tenacious. 

And now I am on the other side, medication free, connected, balanced, with new perspective that is outside of the current dichotomy of the world. I can relate to it, because I have been there. But I’ve seen beyond and I’ve seen the future, I have experienced a metamorphosis, bent time, space, and reality. I have learned to master my emotions, my state, and my brain. I now have an even greater desire to share healing with my community and the world.

I now know that “bipolar” is not an illness, but rather a cure.  It was my past, my environment, my beliefs, my old systems, and health screaming at me to take a new approach toward life.  The old ways were no longer working, and I was in a crisis of consciousness. 

I can now see so clearly that the world as a collective is desiring to experience this same metamorphosis. What looks like a disaster and the world unraveling, is perhaps just an initiation into our evolution, if we so choose it. We are living within the greatest revolution of our time—the evolution of consciousness. But it all starts on an individual level.It all starts with us. With you and with me.Changing the world doesn’t require that the whole world changes at once, just one at a time.

If you are looking for a coach who has been there/healed that, DREAMWEAVER, I would love to offer you a complementary discovery call where we can discover if I am the right fit for you.