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A Self-Healing Modality for Greater
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Free Yourself From the Past & Live the
Life you Desire

Finally, you can be free of the past and live the life you truly desire!

If you have ever found yourself blowing up over something
seemingly minor, if you find that you’re are unable to maintain a standard of happiness in your life, or ever felt stuck in your life unable to move through that stagnation—chances are that old stuffed emotions are causing your pain.

Stuffed emotions are a collection of emotions that can be triggered anytime the emotion surfaces. An accumulation of stuffed emotions can trigger bodily symptoms, relationship woes, and financial crisis.

Author, Janelle Christa breaks down emotions into four different states: paralytic, imprisoning, transitional, and expansive. She explains that ALL emotions are positive and only become negative when they are stuffed. (And how “positive” emotions such as joy, happiness, and forgiveness also get stuffed and they are the most detrimental to our health when we can’t access them.)

The Harmony Keys is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to systematically identify these old stuffed emotions, what block they are creating, and how to release them once and for all. This system has been used on thousands of people with remarkable magic and miracles.

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The Harmony Keys Healer Guidebook is the nuts and bolts of the Harmony Keys Healing Modality, use it as a reference point in your healing sessions and healing business!


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Here’s what other from the ARMY OF LOVE are saying about the book -

“When I felt blocked at every turn in life, I wouldn’t have thought my emotions were the cause of it – that is, until I met Janelle. After going through the Harmony Keys, my life has CHANGED! I was able to let go of my past and even now am so much more aware of my emotions. Janelle has opened a whole new paradigm for me. I’d recommend this book and the course to everyone” – Supriya Jain

“I suffered through years of pain, I tried every therapy and every drug, but NOTHING worked. I had almost given up! But then I met Janelle, and my whole perspective changed. I was HEALED. And to think my own emotions were blocking my healing! If you want your life transformed, I’d say go read the Harmony Keys.” -D. Litton

About Janelle Christa

Janelle Christa is a woman who wears many hats. She’s a highly gifted, intuitive healer and spiritual guide, an author, filmmaker, and producer.

After a life of tragedy and trauma, Janelle chose to seek answers, thus began a journey that led to her mastery of the healing arts. She is known for her adeptness at quick hacks, accelerated consciousness expansion, and the simplification of complexity.

Janelle is also a talented star of stage and screen and was the youngest coach ever to work with the prestigious Frontline Performance Group.

Over the past 12 years, Janelle has worked with thousands of clients in private and group settings, including Fortune 500 companies, and Hollywood celebrities.

Her deepest wish is to empower others with the tools and knowledge they need to heal themselves and transform their own lives.



for $19.97


For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

*EU VAT charges will apply to EU billing addresses.