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Finally, you can be free of the past and live the life you truly desire!

From the time we are very young, we have it hammered into our heads that authority is something outside of us.  We have been trained to believe that we must hand over our power to institutions or “authority figures” in order to know what is best for us--but, this couldn’t be further than the truth. In fact, beginning to own your personal authority is the single most important thing we can do in life.  By owning your own authority, you are able to discover what is really true for you and mobilize the resources and courage to live your truth in the world. 

One of the biggest lies that we are fed and indoctrinated with is that our health and healing lies in the hands of an authority figure (or institution) outside of us.  But the truth is–you have the innate ability to heal yourself. By tapping into this super-power, you can begin to live life on your terms in ways that are truly unimaginable!

The Harmony Keys is a step-by-step energy healing system that provides a template to remind you HOW to access emotional blocks that are causing health, wealth, and relationship issues in your life, so you can remember your inherent healing gifts and access them easily and intuitively. By activating these gifts you are able to attract more loving relationships, more financial abundance, greater health, and tap into levels of creativity that brings you closer to your Higher Power.

The Harmony Keys teaches you how to systematically identify stuffed emotions, the blocks they are creating, and how to release them once and for all, allowing you to let go of old wounds and bring greater fulfilment, joy, and achievement in your life.

Why are stuffed emotions so important? Stuffed emotions are a collection of emotions that can be triggered anytime the stuffed emotion or the triggering event surface.  An accumulation of stuffed emotions can trigger bodily symptoms, relationship woes, and financial crisis, causing you to feel drained, stuck, sick, overwhelmed or hopeless.  

By releasing these emotions, you are able to free up space in your body, mind, and spirit and connect to yourself and the world in a whole new way. By remembering that you indeed are your own healer, you awaken a power inside of you unlike anything that the “outside” world can give you.  By owning this power, you are able to grab ahold of the future you want and desire and step into your truest self, showing
up as the force of nature you really are.

This energy healing system has been used on thousands of people with remarkable results.  Many people have gone on to use The Harmony Keys in their healing practices, some making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to help other people awaken their personal healing powers. 

However you decide to use the Harmony Keys in your life–whether it’s as an ice breaker at a party, in your healing practice, or in the privacy of your own home, you will be in awe with the breakthroughs that occur! 


What You Get When You Enroll in the
HARMONY KEYS course today

The Harmony Keys Online Course

This online course has been created and curated for optimal ease and understanding. Janelle took very complex philosophies and broke them down into “hacks” allowing you to move through it as quickly as possible, but without disrupting the integrity of the modality. It also includes breath-taking hypnotic meditations to help give you a quantum leap into your healing gifts.

The Harmony Keys Practitioner Course

Eight Modules of over 50 pre-recorded professionally produced videos, audios, e-books, manuals, guides, and mediations taking you through the Harmony Keys Energy Healing System.  

As recognition of successful completion, you will receive
this Official certification and certificate:


The Harmony Keys Guidebooks will provide you EXTENSIVE knowledge on putting the Harmony Keys into practice. Filled with case studies, step-by-step protocols, guided imagery, and more, you can take these books on the go with you or use them during your Harmony Keys sessions.

All four sections of the Harmony Keys Healer Home study course will carry you on an incredible energy healing learning journey that could literally change your life!!!

Janelle wants you to develop your energy healing gifts so she is including the following bonuses…


2 full hours of beautiful, healing, inspiring listening bliss you can use during your sessions!

Music has an extraordinary ability to create balance in the soul, heart and physiology. These tranquil and beautiful melodies will help facilitate the healing process!


5 hypnotic and guided meditations by narrated Janelle Christa!

These guided meditations will help you explore many different layers of your consciousness and tap into higher realms of being.  They were designed specifically to reprogram your subconscious to heal at an accelerated rate and awaken greater self love! 


“Feel the love from your Future Self”

“The Hidden Magic of Your Unconscious Self”

“The Healing Power of Gratitude” 

“Morning Meditation”  


Direct Support from Harmony Keys Creator, Janelle Christa...

E-mail support directly from Janelle Christa, The Harmony Keys creator, author, and coach. 

If you have a question or are having any difficulties along your Harmony Keys path, simply email Janelle Christa.  


Janelle’s Amazon #1 best-selling book “Spiritual Ninja” teaches you the tools, techniques, and rituals to help you stay grounded, centered, and connected energetically.  This book has been featured on hundreds of blogs, podcasts, articles, and more.  Its practical, grounded, no-nonsense approach to spiritual protection practices are vital for any energy healer.  And now you get this incredible book totally free!  

The total value of all these bonuses are over 300$
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