They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Sometimes it’s a complement, and sometimes it’s a warning J. 

From the time my daughter was just a tiny little human (she’s now taller than me!) she was both sweet and explosive.  Just like her mama.  She was a full range of emotion. She could go from one extreme to another in an instant, and it was both amazing and terrifying to witness.  Overwhelming, underwhelming, exhausting, exhilarating, and all of the above, all at once.

But as she got older, like all of us do–she started to develop skills and tactics to manage her emotions.  Tactics like, saving them for later, stuffing them down, projecting them onto others.  You know, all the stuff that all of us do. 

When I would notice that she was edgy or irritable I would ask her, “did you leave a ‘sandwich’ in the box?”  Meaning—do you have some stuffed emotions that need to come out? With that permission, she would let them all out, which would bring up my own sandwiches J

On a chemical/hormonal level) from the time emotions are created to the time they are completely absorbed, the process only last 6-12 seconds.  This means that if you are still feeling an emotion longer than that, you are continuously recreating it and living in the past. 

I was thinking about this today and thought I’d share it with you for you to reflect on and tune into within yourself.  Is your sandwich crusty, old? Do you have eighteen sandwiches stuffed into a little box and its overflowing? 

Are your sandwiches filled with cheese and trans-fat and simple carbs and affecting your health? Your gut?  Are you taking your sandwiches with you where ever you go? Are they getting flung at the lady in the grocery store parking lot who stole your spot?  Or your partner when they leave a dish in the sink? Are your old and moldy sandwiches affecting your health, wealth, love?

Probably.  Look at the risk of sounding terribly blunt, I have never met anyone that hasn’t suffered from a stuffed emotion.

So today, I’d like to offer you a technique to transform and change your life! This, I promise you.  While this specific technique wont HEAL the block itself, it WILL LIFT you from it, and WILL CHANGE YOUR STATE OF BEING in an instant—giving you power over your own will and direction. 

It is going to take a bit of prep work on your part–but once it’s anchored in your system, it’s a flawless approach and will work every single time.  As my husband says “proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.”


Next time you are feeling good and happy, take a moment to level up into an even higher, peak state, and anchor it.

An example would be, you just went for a run, you just got a raise, you had a great first date, etc—you are feeling great!

Now, instead of hurrying back to work or running to get the kids from school, you make time to “go within.”  While in that heightened state, you close your eyes, feel the good sensations happening in your body, and feel GRATEFUL for the moment. 

Go deep into that gratitude.  Think of one – three more things that you are grateful for.  Feel yourself enter a peak state. 

Now ANCHOR it!  You do this by jumping up and down, or tapping your shoulders, your head, clapping your hands, rubbing your fingers together.  Any movement that you can that will bring you back to this state. You can even listen to music or spray a scent to help intensify the feeling.

You have just embedded yourself with a peak state and will be able to enter it at any time. 


When your life is falling apart, you can make that noise, make your move, listen to your music, whatever reminds you of that blissed out moment from before, and BAM.  Magic. Just close your eyes and enter that state.  Remember the feelings, the moments you are grateful for, and go there.  It’s inside of you.

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Love 💖 ,