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You have always known that there is more to reality than what meets the eye…

You know that you consist of more than blood, guts, and bones…

You desire to grow; you desire to know more…

You long to expand your consciousness & accelerate that growth…

You have arrived at the right place at the right time!

In this FREE mini course on consciousness you will:

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Creator of the “Harmony Keys” Healing Modality and the Best Selling book “Spiritual Ninja” is a healer, dreamer, channeler, and intuitive. She is a master at developing quick hacks to accelerated consciousness expansion, and at the simplification of complexity. Janelle has helped transform the lives of thousands of clients, including working with Fortune 500 companies and Hollywood’s super stars.

This FREE mini course is an excerpt from THE HARMONY KEYS course.

What People are Saying

“Janelle is very no-nonsense in her approach, and Spiritual Ninja provides a thorough system of techniques, meditations, and exercises designed to increase your confidence and your competence in feeling grounded, protected, and connected spiritually or energetically. This is an excellent course for spiritual protection or for anyone looking to develop their sensitivity to energy, whether you have been doing spiritual work for a long time, or are a novice beginner. Janelle cuts through the complexity and confusion that often surrounds topics such as energetic attacks, empathy overload, porous boundaries, and the psychic phenomenon and teaches practical approaches to honing in on your spiritual gifts by creating a strong foundation. I highly recommend it! ”

Neeta Bhushan
Best Selling Author & International Speaker

“Janelle goes in depth on a variety of topics related to spiritual and energetic protection in the modern world. She takes an esoteric idea and brings it down to earth so you don’t necessarily need to be “spiritual” for these techniques to work. But, If you are an energy worker, empath, healer, psychic, this is the course is especially for you. She teaches you step-by-step instructions on how to protect yourself and stay centered and grounded. She also helps you to understand your “super powers” and where you get your power from & how those centers get blocked. I also like her straight forward, no fluff style of being frank, honest and to the point! ”

Ajit Nawalkha
MindValley Co-Founder

Spiritual Ninja was such an eye opener! I never thought ambient energy was having such an impact on my life! I’ve added Janelle’s practices to my daily routine, and I can already see the difference. She makes it so easy to understand the importance of protecting your energetic boundaries. I’ve tried some of her meditations and I can’t wait to get through the whole course. Life changing stuff!”

Supriya Jain
Author and Coach

“This is by far the best and most complete (yet simplified, which is important as a busy mom!!) course I have ever taken on energetic and spiritual protection. (And I have taken A LOT of courses!!) I am an Empath and Healer, and have worked with a very large spectrum of people in my social work career, so taking home “bad vibes” left me feeling drained and overwhelmed. The tools in this course have changed my life. It's amazing how simple they are. Using these tools I am able to feel in control of the negative energy around me. Janelle teaches you how to shield yourself and how to balance your chakras and how to connect with your “spiritual ninja friends.”

Kathy Phalen LCSW
Astrologer and Healer

“To understand the world, you have to understand yourself. After taking this course, I feel more connected with myself and with others. It has helped me to withstand the daily pressures of the modern world and be able to disconnect from what I need to disconnect with, and connect with what I want to connect with. I gained clarity on who I am and where I am from. I highly recommend it. ”

Rafael Reis
Filmmaker at FOX Sports

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This FREE mini course contains

An introduction to consciousness—a new way of understanding it and connecting. You’ll gain even greater clarity into what consciousness means to you, and how to harness it.




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