Janelle Christa

Become a Master Manifestor:

The eight-week online community experience designed to help you achieve your biggest, boldest manifesting results even if you already tried everything…

Let’s be real friends, the brand-new year is not going to mean anything
if we don’t change what’s not working and start putting new skills into action…

No phony airy fairy spiritual bypassing here.

Many “manifestation groups” focus on things like the law of attraction and visualization but don’t ground it into the world we live in. This can be extremely damaging psychologically and spiritually when our manifestations don’t come into fruition. We blame ourselves and can enter shame spirals. In the Manifestation Circle, we will bring your goals to life with proven strategies and track your successes so we can consciously know how to reproduce results.

This is not one of those boring zoom meetings

If you find Zoom meetings mind-numbing, the Manifestation Circle is not that. It’s a small group that offers you the opportunity to come back home to yourself, and feel seen and understood. You’re not going to just learn about spiritual embodiment, you’ll experience it!

We honor that wants to emerge naturally

There is an agenda, and proven steps we will follow together in order to manifest faster and more effectively, but that said–we welcome what wants to emerge in a co-created and supportive environment. No two events are ever the same. What happens in a group is what needs to happen – what’s right for the participants in the shared space.

The Manifestation Circle will offer rich connection in a community of learning and support with spiritual mentoring, individual and group processes, guided meditation/journeying and energetic healing.

Together, we create a healing environment that fosters “aha” moments and so much more.


Meet new friends and reconnect with old ones

During this time of growing isolation, there is nothing more valuable than fostering a space for connection with others and your spirituality.

Get clear on your goals and visions for the upcoming year

In a world inundated with information, tapping into intuition is the most important form of self-preservation we have available to us.

Connect Spiritually

Spend time in meditation at least once a week with a group of people that want you to succeed at your personal goals.

Small intimate group to grow and expand with

This group will be limited in size in order to provide the best possible experience for all those that attend. Receive healing, love, and support from other Spiritual Ninjas!

What other Spiritual Ninjas said about Janelle’s last workshop:

“During her winter solstice worship, Janelle Christa facilitated a day retreat. She allowed me expand my consciousness and dive deep into what my true passion is and how to follow my inner calling. The combination of powerful affirmations and meditations helped me navigate what I want my life to look like. She literally reinstalled my manifesting mojo which got covered up and from day to day routine of everyday life. Within less than a month from workshop, I manifested to travel by myself, one of my goals. Mind is blown! Can’t wait for the next one!”
Lourika Van Tonder
Health Coach
“Thank you, Janelle, for creating such a lovely and meaningful ritual to welcome the Solstice. It is important for all of us to become more aware of and aligned with the shifts and rhythms of the changing seasons. And to use those energies to empower our own lives. The exercises and meditations you created brought that alive for the participants. I particularly appreciated how you wove the earthly elements (wind, water, earth and fire) with the heavenly elements together ( stars and planets) capturing a complete picture of a moment in time. I encourage anyone interested in a more intimate relationship with nature to join your mailing list and attend the next event.”
Patsy An Grace

Join me for my upcoming MANIFESTATION CIRCLE,

a 7-week online series designed to help you manifest your desires using the raw energies of 2022!

The online group is limited for greater intimacy and participant interaction.
$475 USD (receive a 50$ discount for each friend you refer)
February 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd
March 1st , 8th, & 15th
(6:30-8:30 Pacific Time.)