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Fill your life with adventure, growth & meaning, connect to your inner consciousness,
and identify your unique gifts during a magical and transcendent spiritual experience like no other!



  Spouses, Families, Friends, Colleagues, & Groups


Retreats (Relax, Restore, and SUPER CHARGE)

Chakra Grub

Weed, seed, heal with meditative recipes and rituals for the mind and spirit as well as detoxifying and nutritious recipes for the body. All rituals are from Janelle’s (upcoming) book Chakra Grub .

Solstice Fests

Utilize the most powerful energies of the year for growth, manifestation, and visualization


Spiritual Ninja

An intense spiritual healing journey where we focus on building a foundation of energetic self-defense, protection, & connection (perfect for empaths). You’ll learn effective self-preservation strategies that set you up for lifelong success so you can focus on shaping your reality and destiny!

The Harmony Keys™

The ultimate healing modality that will empower you like no other by teaching you how to find and release the root of all disease, debt, and heartbreak (stuffed emotions) once and for all! Learn to apply The Harmony Keys™ to every single aspect of your daily life. Experience INSTANT results as you learn how to open yourself up to positive, healing energy and change by letting go of the negativity that’s been blocking you for countless years.

The Harmony Keys™: Practitioner

Dedicated workshops for healing practitioners, leaders, teachers, therapists, and others who want to learn how to apply the Harmony Keys in their businesses.

Biz Wizards

Learn how to take your love for healing, personal growth, and consciousness and make it into a successful (money making!) business.

Special Events

Cosmic Celebrations | Sun, Moon, Eclipse, Rituals Lemurian New Year Celebration – July 23rd, a celebration of Sirius More…


Build & Strengthen Your Relationships (Including the One with your bad ass self!)

Accelerate the Healing Process

Immersion is the fastest HACK we have to accelerating the personal growth and development process. No distractions, no kids to pick up from school. No instant messages to attend to.  Just whole-hearted healing, personal growth, and spiritual development. So pre-set your Instagram posts, prepare your auto reply on your emails, and get the positive momentum boost you need to move forward in your life & career!!



Our retreats & workshops are held at dazzling places all around the world offering attendees stellar opportunities to connect with the latest wellness resources from across the globe while opening doors to new & spine-tingling memories that will last a lifetime!


We’ll help you embark on an extremely personal journey that will encourage and empower you to:


Janelle partners with the finest experts, event planners, and influencers to create experiences you will never forget. She believes that the world is enduring an epidemic of loneliness and lack of belonging, and by coming together in community gatherings and tribal experiences, we can heal and awaken much needed transformation.

What People are Saying

During her winter solstice worship, Janelle christa facilitated a day retreat. She allowed me expand my consciousness and dive deep into what my true passion is and how to follow my inner calling. The combination of powerful affirmations and mediations helped me navigate what I want I want my life to look like. She literally reinstalled my manifesting mojo which got covered up from day to day routine of everyday life. Within less than a month from the workshop, I manifested to travel by myself, one of my goals. Mind is blown! Can’t wait for the next one! ”

Lourika Van Tonder
Health Coach

“Thank you, Janelle, for creating such a lovely and meaningful ritual to welcome the Solstice. It is so important for all of us to become more aware of and aligned with the shifts and rhythms of the changing seasons. And to use those energies to empower our own lives. The exercises and meditations you created brought that alive for the participants. I particularly appreciated how the you wove the earthly elements (wind, water, earth and fire) with the heavenly elements together (stars, and planets) capturing a complete picture of a moment in time. I encourage anyone interested in a more intimate relationship with nature to join your mailing list and attend the next event.. ”

Patsy An Grace



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Peace, love, and MF good vibes coming your way!

Reconnection and Healing Retreat!

Join Janelle Christa and Oceanna Visions for magic and miracles at our upcoming DAY-RETREAT May 16th 2021 in Santa Barbara, CA!

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