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Learn how to feel Grounded, Connected, and Protected even when the world is falling apart around you…

#1 Best Selling Author, Janelle Christa brings to you a unique, transformational, practical, and accessible book packed with incredible tools for you to be a Spiritual Ninja.

Do you sometimes feel like no matter what you do, it is just not enough? Does nothing feel right? Does nothing feel complete despite your giving it a 100%?

I know exactly what that feels like, and that’s why I’ve put together my years of learning and studying in this book, that will set you on the path of finding happiness amidst the turmoil, finding peace amidst chaos, and acceptance in your own skin!

This book is a tool that can help you take 100% responsibility for the creation of your reality, permanently and efficiently!


Your blueprint for energetic self-defense and protection. A practical approach, that is a great fit for anyone and everyone whether “spiritual” or not!

This is a powerhouse of a book that I have carefully curated and loaded with years and years of knowledge, ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge information – to beef up  your psychic self-defense.

Spiritual Ninja is a compilation of the best material that is out there – but in much easier to digest, practical and accessible rituals that you can do for yourself. This book will save you:

Take a step back and assess if you feel like you’re:

If this is what the everyday modern world is doing to you, there is a fair chance that you’ve landed on this page for reason. What you need is a forcefield. Something that protects you from the onslaught of negative energy and invasion of your boundaries.

This is exactly what I will help equip you with, tools that will make you IN CHARGE of your reality! As you read on about how to become a Spiritual Ninja, you are going to figure out that no matter what happens, who says or does what, it is just you and only you that has control over your reactions and the reality of that situation.


Have you thought about any of the following in the last year?

  • Why do I always get pulled into other people’s drama? Be it at work or in social settings, have you found yourself being dragged into situations you have no desire to be part of? Have you found it difficult to detach and just walk away? Felt like your empathy was actually getting you down instead of making you better?
  • Why can’t I just let go or move on? Do you feel the negative days and moments way more strongly than the positive ones? Are you obsessing over all of the problems that are holding you back?
  • How did I even end up in the middle of this? You’re grudgingly said yes to almost anything and everything. And you wake up dreading the plans you’ve made, the texts you have to respond to, the calls you’ve missed?
  • How do I shake this laziness and exhaustion? You’re always drained, not just mentally but physically, and the pounds are piling on? Your joints have phantom pains, and everything seems like a chore?

If most or all of that sounds familiar, then you know it is time for drastic change. This wasn’t how your life used to be. Remember those younger days when you felt invincible when you had little to no baggage and abundant hope for your future? Well, all of that hope and love is still inside of you.

Why Be A Spiritual Ninja

A Spiritual Ninja is a straight talking-no- fluff-magical-bad-ass Soldier in the Army of Love. A spiritual ninja is a joy in the chaos of the modern world.

Welcome to the real revolution —the evolution of consciousness.

Have you ever had those people in life who just seem to get it all right? The folks who just bump into the right opportunities are every street corner, for whom the ‘Aha’ moments just appear out of thin air. I have, and for the longest time, I never understood why I wasn’t in that category. Why did everything feel like a struggle? Activities felt unrewarding, and the rewards almost always seemed empty.

It is through the study and practice of spirituality that I realized that it isn’t like these folks are magically blessed. They don’t have a fairy godmother or access to a wish-granting factory. But it is likely that they just might be seeing answers when they are looking. They are channeling all their inner power and the power of their unseen friends to manifest the magic that exists within. Channeling the blessing of the universe and the consciousness to create a reality that gives them access to what they truly desire and lets them derive pleasure in what they are given.

And if they can do it, that means you can too!

Through this book, I am going to teach you about the best material and techniques that are out there to tune into your mystic, spiritual self. But in the form of easy to digest, practical and accessible rituals that you can do for yourself.

I will take you through the impact of the modern world and its demands on your inner self. Through experience, I can tell you – that can get energetically messy really fast! I’ll walk you through how energies come into play and the effect they have on you, especially if you are a sensitive person. In this new, forever connected world you are no longer just picking up the energies of those who are close to you, in your vicinity, but even of those who you are connected with online, what you’re reading about, seeing, swiping through.

All of this negativity can turn into a psychic attack, making you feel drained and empty. But using a series of techniques, mentioned in the book, you will learn to shield yourself from these attacks. And it comes with guided meditations, videos, PDFs, worksheets, and audios!

In the book, you will also get a deeper understanding about your emotions and their impact on your day to day life. You’ll learn about the force fields you can set up to ensure your inner self is protected from anything that hampers your growth.

If you are an empath who feels for everyone deeply, to a point that you often feel overwhelmed and extremely emotional you will learn about boundaries. Not to keep people or love or emotions out, but to keep your personal emotional space safe and strong. Strong enough to make you feel helpful in stressful situations, instead of helpless.

Once you decide to take the leap and do things differently, you will be able to do whatever it takes to transform your life forever.

You will be able to shape the future to be how you’ve always dreamed of.

You can take control and manifest a reality that serves you with love and abundance ORDER NOW to find out how!

About The Book

Be the captain of the ship that is YOUR LIFE! Own YOUR POWER!

This book is not a bunch of fluff written to increase the number of pages. I know it’s a busy world and your time is precious. I respect that. And so, what I’ve created is short, sweet, and to the point. My experiences in life and with various people have taught me to approach the whole topic of spirituality very practically. I really try to hone it in on a physical level, so that anyone and everyone whether “spiritual” or not can apply the tools in this book with ease and efficiency. I’m a total knowledge nerd, and whenever possible, I’ve backed my claims up with science, physics, psychology, and physiology.

That said, faith or spirituality can only be defined through experience. Spirituality can’t be put in a box – it will always be mysterious and mystical because the moment we have lost the mystery—we have lost spirituality altogether.

By picking up this book and setting on the path to become a Spiritual Ninja here’s what all you can expect to learn –

What you'll learn


How to protect yourself from psychic intrusions in the modern world. In this book, you will understand:


How to free yourself from your past and call on your unseen friends for strength and balance:

Identify, acknowledge and work with your ‘Unseen Friends’ within yourself, who know you better than anyone else and only have your interest at heart.


How to protect and defend yourself against outside influence and negativity:

Exercises and easy practices you can do every day at home to:


How to identify people, places and things that are draining you so you can create relationships that uplift you and sustain you:


How to connect with your power centers (chakras) and balance them:


How to attract and allow greater health, wealth, and love to enter your life:

Energy is a very physical thing that most people don’t pay attention to. But keeping your energy healthy will also help your body remain healthy, it will make your mind stronger and make every day better.

Becoming a Spiritual Ninja will take practice, dedication, and devotion. It will require you to put your inner self at the center and the work on building the world you desire around it, as opposed to just existing in the state that your surroundings hand to you.

Through this book, I hope to inspire you with some techniques to protect yourself. To have you know and internalize that you deserve to feel safe and connected in your own skin. I want to leave you feeling like your most empowered and enriched self, one who is indomitable in spirit.

Use the Spiritual Ninja book as a roadmap to reach what lifts you up! To weave that into your life so that even on the most bleh of days, you have an element of fun, guilt-free, mess-free and totally stress-free.It will help you reach your happy place and stay there!

About Janelle Christa

Janelle Christa is a woman who wears many hats. She’s a highly gifted, intuitive healer and spiritual guide, an author, filmmaker, and producer.

After a life of tragedy and trauma, Janelle chose to seek answers, thus began a journey that led to her mastery of the healing arts. She is known for her adeptness at quick hacks, accelerated consciousness expansion, and the simplification of complexity.

Janelle is also a talented star of stage and screen and was the youngest coach ever to work with the prestigious Frontline Performance Group.

Over the past 12 years, Janelle has worked with thousands of clients in private and group settings, including Fortune 500 companies, and Hollywood celebrities.

Her deepest wish is to empower others with the tools and knowledge they need to heal themselves and transform their own lives.


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With the Spiritual Ninja book not only will you get access to all of the practices and techniques, you can also check out the online course I offer.

Through the course, you will learn that no matter what happens, YOU have control over how you react and how you shape the situation.

Try the guided meditation here   and the full Spiritual Ninja course here

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Here’s what other Spiritual Ninjas have to say about the book -

5.0 out of 5 stars Thank you! What a great book and so needed right now

This book is long overdue, we've needed a book like this as a practical guide for ourselves, those around us and how to protect our energy fields. Also, the book is very helpful for engaging and connecting - especially important during these challenging times. Great read, well written, authentic and accessible to all levels. Get one! – Rin Wood

5.0 out of 5 stars The world needs this book right now

Janelle Christa was perhaps prophetic in releasing this book for our time. Anyone who is feeling vulnerable and uncertain (i.e. everyone right now) should synch into some of these practices - which offer the perfect balance of "practical woo-woo." Her insights are pragmatic and grounded, while tapping a higher source and power - internally and externally. -Ken Stirling

5.0 out of 5 stars Seriously, buy this book!

Spiritual Ninja was such an eye-opener! I never thought ambient energy was having such an impact on my life! I’ve added Janelle’s practices to my daily routine, and I can already see the difference. Janelle makes it so easy to understand the importance of protecting your energetic boundaries. I’ve tried some of her meditations and I can’t wait to get through the whole course. Life-changing stuff!
-Supriya Jain

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