Hello Mavericks, Revolutionaries, Healers, and Dreamers!

How to weave your dreams into reality &

Be a Master Spiritual Ninja in 6 Months of Magic and Miracles in “Spiritual Ninjutsu” (i.e. spiritual training)

Have you been pigeon-holed as “airy fairy” or maybe even “gullible” because of your faith in spirituality?

Have you been accused of being “anti-science” because of your belief in chakras or energy fields?

Have you been diagnosed with a “disorder”? A “label”? Are you a black sheep in your family?

What if I were to affirm your beliefs in the invisible and tell you that you are part of an ancient lineage, a priesthood of sort…

What if I were to tell you that you are a cure for a world sickened by spiritual denial?

Be a Dream Weaver
6 Months of Profound Magic
and Miracles , And Weave Your Dreams Into Reality



While others are blind to a higher purpose, and society begs you to ignore it, something stirs inside of you that you won’t ignore…

 You know somewhere inside of you that there’s a natural order to life, something more sovereign than any man-made rules or laws could ever create…

 You have a spiritual fire inside of you, you recognize indoctrination in others and wish to expose it…

 You have a dream, a spiritual calling, you desire to embody it and make it real but the only problem is, you don’t know how to start…

Here’s a secret for you: it starts with your TRAINING

In Spiritual Ninjutsu you will:

  • Become a master in energetic protection, so you can remain solid and step into your greater calling
  • Step into your optimal future and become aware of your greater destiny and HOW to create it
  • Deepen in your sense of purpose so you can create greater health, wealth, loving relationships, and help create a paradigm shift in the world
  • o Rid yourself of old, stuffed, and unresolved emotional blocks that are preventing you from fully activating your intuition, expression, and spirituality to its greatest capacity, so you can be confident in your spiritual gifts
  • Gain a powerful sense of self-value and self-worth that will empower you to finally say NO to all of those people who drain your time and energy
  • Heal things keeping you in the past so you can discover your inner joy, peace, and harmony and share it with others
  • Cleanse yourself from negative energies on a physical and emotional level, so you can feel healthy, strong, and vigorous
  • Take back your power back from people, places, and institutions that have robbed it from you so you can be who YOU desire to be
  • Discover and Embody your greatest super powers so you can show up in the world as a beacon of light
  • Break free from the collective paradigm so you can express yourself as who you desire to be instead of who you’ve been told to be
  • Get things done without panic and remain stable so you can stay confident and take on life’s challenges each day
  • Learn what loving yourself really means as you discover healthy ways of creating new and exciting opportunities

And it won’t take long to see results— you’ll be constantly amazed over the course of these 6 months when friends, family, colleagues, and others suddenly treat you with more warmth and compassion as your own inner light is reflected by nearly everyone you meet.

You CAN heal your past,transform your
present reality
, and
shape your future!

Ready to get started on your transformation journey?
I’ll show you how to completely turn your life around in just 6 MONTHS.

With all the intensity in the world, are you finding it harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings?

Do you sometimes wake up thinking, “Why do I keep bothering? What’s the point?” the world is going to hell in a handbasket anyway…

Maybe you still have a strong inner drive, but you’re simply EXHAUSTED.

You know you need to Find Your Limitations, but you feel completely stuck.

You spend every day…

  • Making your home clean & beautiful … but everyone expects it, rather than appreciates it.
  • Cooking delicious meals… with no help and no feedback other than if they don’t like it.
  • Shuttling kids & family back and forth… and no one even says, “Thank you.”
  • Preparing work & business presentations … that someone else takes credit for.
  • Planning events & activities that everyone forgets about after they’re over.

Your constantly push your own Health & Wellness aside for others.

But it doesn’t matter what you do or how much you do….

  • No matter how much time you spend, it’s never enough.
  • No matter how much money/effort you put in, it’s never good enough.
  • It still feels like no one truly appreciates your efforts.

And that’s really starting to eat away at you.

You spend all of your life supporting everyone else, but who is there to support you?

  • Who builds you up?
  • Who encourages & empowers you?
  • Who knows exactly how capable you are and how much potential you have?
  • Who sees you?
  • Who hears you?
  • Who takes care of you and appreciates everything that you do?

Do you remember how it feels to be taken care of?

To have someone’s devoted & undivided attention that’s focused solely on you & your needs?

How amazing would it be to be seen and heard and cared about?

To have someone who is completely and whole-heartedly on your side and supports you with all of your goals and dreams.

Someone who’s there to remind you about your goals and dreams…

How wonderful would it be to KNOW that you MATTER, that the impact you want to create MATTERS?

You used to have so many dreams for the future, but lately you have no idea what your purpose in life is.

When was the last time you felt excited to be alive?

When is the last time you truly felt alive?

More and more, you feel like life is more about surviving than thriving…

What would it take for you to Discover Your Life Focus?

To get empowered .

To be motivated.

To feel worth it.

Well, let me tell you something.

Hi, I’m Janelle

After decades of struggling with severe “bipolar disorder,” battles between “good and evil” in my own mind, I learned how to balance these states and train myself to use those raw energies to channel them into creativity and spirituality. 

Once lost in the realms of my own mind, a spiritual will inside of me pushed me forward into tremendous healing, and now I want to help you to take your spiritual will and manifest it into your dreams and passions. 

You deserve the chance to take back your hopes and dreams and experience life the way you’ve always imagined it would be. Right here and right now.  



You are worth THE BEST life has to offer.
You’re LOVED.

And it’s time that you knew it too. It’s time you had a chance to Map Your Desired Future!

Whether you’ve recently experienced deep trauma or you’ve been overwhelmed with despair for years, I’ll show you how it’s possible to heal your past and discover your inner joy, peace, and harmony.

You’ll learn what loving yourself really means and how to do it as you discover healthy ways of creating new and exciting opportunities for self-growth and self-improvement.

You’ll gain a powerful sense of self-value and self-worth that will empower you to finally say NO to all of those people who drain your time and energy.

And it won’t take long to see results— you’ll be constantly amazed over the course of these 6 months when friends, family, colleagues, and others suddenly treat you with more warmth and compassion as your own inner light is reflected by nearly everyone you meet.

You deserve the chance to take back your hopes and dreams and experience life the way you’ve always imagined it would be. Right here and right now.  

No matter what you’ve been through or
how long you’ve been struggling, you have the
power to transform your current life into a future that you LOVE

In Six Short Months of Spiritual Ninjutsu, Janelle will create a customized coaching program for you where you will learn:

  • How to practice first principle thinking (thinking like a scientist) in regards to your personal growth and development, so you can understand why things are happening the way they are in your life
  • How to strengthen your energetic health and physical well-being, so you can have more vigor and passion to focus on the things you want to focus on
  • How to maintain healthy boundaries with others so you can understand what belongs to you and what belongs to others, this allows you a greater sense of freedom and a greater sense of personal responsibility in the creation of your reality
  • How to protect your spiritual gifts and honor them so you can show up in the world and channel your God-given talents and offerings
  • How to meet and call upon your “unseen friends” or your “spiritual ninja senses” so you never feel alone or disconnected from a higher power or your higher self
  • How to live in greater harmony with yourself and the world so you can help to lift people up to a higher resonance and state of being
  • Having greater “spiritual hygiene” practices so you can feel grounded, connected, protected, centered, and attuned to your highest potential
  • How to remain grounded even when the world is falling apart, so others can be inspired and motivated by you
  • How to decipher and translate spiritual messages that are coming through in your reality guiding you toward healing, so you can move through adversity faster and more smoothly with a sense of a higher purpose
  • How to recognize if you are spiritually bypassing a situation in your life or in the world, so you can connect with yourself on a human level and deepen in compassion for yourself
  • How to develop a strong relationship with your unconscious mind so you can access it at will and understand why adverse events are repeating themselves, so you can be free of them once and for all
  • Learn Janelle’s complete healing system “The Harmony Keys” to help you sift through your energetic blocks quickly and easily and create greater health, wealth, and love
  • How to help facilitate healings for yourself and others (and how to make money doing it if you would like to add this into your work) so you can be confident in your Ninja Healing skills
  • How to connect with your higher self and your future self so you can lean on them for guidance and support whenever needed
  • How to recognize energetic attacks and release them so you can be safe, secure, and solid in your own space
  • How to release low vibe feelings such as self-pity and shame that others have dumped on you or that you have taken on, so you can lift yourself and free yourself from these limiting energies
  • How to balance your energy quickly and efficiently so you can change your state at any given moment
  • How to use the raw power in anger as a transitional emotion and utilize it in healthy ways so you can use the positive force from anger rather than tap into its potential destruction
  • How to use hypnosis, meditation, and NLP to create instant shifts in yourself and others so you can know you have a strong tool kit to lean on at any time
  • How to map out the future you want and create it by utilizing the super power of choice, so you can trust yourself and your decisions in your future planning
  • How to recognize social programming that is harming you or others so you can free yourself from it and think for yourself

And much, much more…


“The work blew right through my story. The emotional scale and sequencing for the work is unique to any other therapy that I have experienced.  The “aha” was on a very practical level. I gained big clarity from the work and made changes.”  Oceanna Amara

Certifications &

I’ve enjoyed the bounty of being (been blessed to be) trained, certified and licensed in a wide range of modalities. I combine these as needed, and add my own special, sassy sauce in order to coach business  leaders, mothers, celebrities, and everyone in between to successfully transform their lives.

  • Trance Channeling
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Eriksonian Hypnosis
  • Bio Resonance Healing
  • Guided Imagery Healing
  • Affirmative Prayer
  • Universal Energy Healing
  • Nutritional Healing
  • Dance Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Magnetic Healing
  • Life, Work, Business Coaching
  • Hawaiian Sacred Touch
  • Elemental Healing
  • Detoxification
  • Natural Therapies
  • Green Living
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Ministry

Learn how you can work with me and transform your life

And it only takes 6 months.

Let me help you awaken your super powers and CREATE the life you DESERVE. During this six month period you will work directly with me and I will share all my methodologies and hacks with you in a program completely customized to YOU.

I can’t wait to see what life has to offer you once you’re open to change!