Many of you have asked me about what “healing modality” I use.  The truth is, I use a massive blend of healing modalities that I have channeled into one that I believe works better than anything else I have ever used.  I call it “The Harmony Keys.”

You see….

The relationships in your life are a metaphor for the relationship you have with yourself.

The way we interact with our partner, our family, friends, colleagues, money, food, and anything else directly reflects our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

And if any of those relationships ever make you feel stuck, stagnant, trapped, or even imprisoned, then you are externalizing the fact that you are suffocating inside your own skin. When that happens, we either turn to self—blame and self—destruction, or we look for someone or something to blame. Either way, its disempowering and it sucks!

The truth is that we repeat what we don’t repair. So unless you heal your past, you’re going to be trapped in the same miserable cycle–until you die. They say time heals all. Well that’s bullshit. Only YOU can consciously heal yourself.

I spent most of my life in agony—— physically, mentally, and spiritually. I wasted years stuck in doctor’s offices, toxic relationships, and jobs that I hated. Eventually, I had convinced myself that I was fated for a lifetime of suffering and punishment and nothing and no one could change that… things got very dark and very ugly, but then one day I realized that by continuing my life in this direction, I would unintentionally sentence my young daughter to a life of pain and misery due to my poor choices. And that, my friends, is the moment I said, “F this” and dove head first into finding healing—— both for my daughter and for myself.

Unfortunately, old habits die hard… and so I started with what I knew—— doctors and hospitals. I turned to the so— called best physicians and psychiatrists I could find, and they loaded me up with designer medication cocktails in an attempt to simply subdue my pain. I became even sicker and more depressed than ever before while the few relationships I had left slowly destructed one by one. So I took a new approach…

I sought out revolutionary healers, visionaries, teachers, mystics, and masters. I spent weeks.. months.. reading, listening, attending seminars and workshops. I’ve been to more therapy than anyone I know and I spent honest hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to become whole and heal myself. And eventually, I did. And it was amazing. Because when I finally healed my relationship with myself, my entire world began to change and heal——including all of my relationships.

Now I want to share the amazing truth that I discovered with anyone who is suffering like I was. I want to help you heal you.

Life is short. Just think of all the time you waste trying to work your shit out—— or all the time you waste being depressed or miserable. It’s a lose-lose for everyone. That’s why I took EVERYTHING I learned and threw out all of the BS fillers, and fluff—I hate fluff–and kept only the parts that were life—changing, mind-blowing, and real, and I created what I call “Harmony Keys™” (LINK) the self-healing fast track that will turn your life around without spending years or tens of thousands of dollars like I did.

Harmony Keys™ fully envelopes you in the self-healing process by providing you with interactive videos, audio files, engaging worksheets, and mindful meditations that embody the exact method that I used to pull myself out of my misery and transform myself to become the woman I am today with the life that I finally love with a happy and healthy marriage, two bright and ambitious children, a career I love, a growing bank account, tons of creative endeavors, and amazing friendships. If you’re ready to dive in head first into healing like I was, I would love to invite you to join me in Harmony Keys course, where you can break free from everything that’s holding you back in a safe, non-judgmental healing environment.

Harmony Keys™ teaches you how to quickly identify and understand the underlying source of your pain and how to effectively heal it. It will show you how to consciously and intentionally create success in your life in the areas where you currently struggle—— personal and professional relationships, finances, health, and all others.

By joining me on this life—changing journey, you will awaken the parts of your mind, body, and soul that have been dormant for years— and when that happens, your whole world is going to feel amazing as your entire being starts functioning at a higher capacity.

Harmony Keys™ has changed the lives of hundreds of people across the world by healing their biological, psychological, and spiritual relationships with themselves and now it can heal you too. Stop living in the past and join me in creating the future for yourself that you truly desire.

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