Janelle Christa


Be a Spiritual Ninja

Digital Course for energetic protection and connection
in the modern world

This comprehensive, user-friendly, and do-at-your-own-pace fun online course is for YOU, if you…

  • Identify as an “empath,” “healer” or have been called “psychic,”  “intuitive” or “highly sensitive”
  • Constantly have strangers tell you their whole life story within seconds of meeting you
  • Are interested in the mystical world but also like things to be practical and relatable
  • If you have ever felt overwhelmed or drained by your sensitivities and depth of empathy.

Be a Healer

Janelle Christa

Digital Course to help you release energetic blocks toward health, wealth and love using the Harmony Keys Healing system.

This easy, fast, transformational online course is for YOU, if you feel…

  • Unhappy in your own body
  • Lonely and disconnected from the rest of the world
  • Like you’re living a life that is nothing like you want
  • Anxiety, pain, hopelessness
  • Stuck in your job, relationship or past


Be a Dream Weaver

Janelle Christa

A 6-Month Program to Transform Your Life & Shift Your Paradigm and Weave Your Dreams into Reality

Work with me closely over a light-hearted yet intensive 6-month period and you will experience your truest paradigm shift. This is for YOU if you…

  • Want to work with a spiritual guide and coach who has been there, done that and can show you ALL the tools you need to change your life, inside and out.
  • Desire one on one and group coaching to become your version of a “DREAM WEAVER”.
  • Want to become a Healer/Coach or already are a coach and want to become certified to use Harmony Keys for your clients.
  • Know there’s no better investment you can make than what you invest in YOURSELF. If you’re ready for real change…This is for you.

Be a Creator

A six month program to help you bring your idea into manifestation. This program is for you if you desire to

Retreats & Pow wows

Transformation Parties & Retreats

Janelle Christa

Been feeling the need for a girl’s/boy’s night out? How about a night, weekend, or week—GOING WITHIN instead? No hangover, no regrets. Instead, spend quality, kick-ass, time together raising your vibrations and learning practical consciousness and enlightenment hacks so you can live your BEST, most joyful life! Ignite a FIRE in your heart and learn to:

  • Connect with your Higher Self
  • Create positive momentum in your life and work
  • Tap into your confidence and personal power
  • Be your bad ass self you know you are